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Stephanie Tubbs Jones


Our community has lost a deeply respected and beloved friend. Our nation has lost a courageous and tireless leader. Our prayers are with her family and loved ones. Our lives will never be the same without her, but she will forever be a cherished part of every life she touched.

Dennis talks about the Convention and his Tuesday evening speech
Dennis offers his first in-person video report from the Democratic National Convention and talks about his Tuesday evening speech.

To watch it live, please go to and click on “Launch Video Player” to download the software that the DNC is making available to video-stream all the activities.

Presidents must be held accountable.

Representative Dennis Kucinich tells the House Judiciary Committee that Congress has a duty “to demand accountability for one of the gravest injustices imaginable…The decision before us is whether Congress will stand up to tell future Presidents that America has seen the last of these injustices, not the first.”