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Powerful News, Powerful Opinions

Early Life

Dennis was born to Frank J. Kucinich and Virginia on October 8, 1946, in Cleveland. He was the eldest of the couple’s seven children. His father being a truck driver, the family had to move multiple time across the country. Kucinich headed the transit by finding affordable apartments for the family.


Cleveland State University was the second home to Kucinich in the years from 1967 to 1970. He holds both a Bachelor and Master of Arts degree in speech and communication, which he had pursued in the Case Western Reserve University.

Political Career

A body of work that is still incomplete according to Kucinich started its course in 1967 when he ran successfully for office. The Cleveland City Council elected him at the age of twenty-three. Kucinich has served as the clerk of the municipal court and also was the Cleveland mayor from 1977-1979.


Kucinich received the Gandhi Peace Award in 2003 and the US Peace Prize in 2010. He was awarded both these accolades as a recognition for his leadership in preventing wars in the country. Dennis was also referred to as a transformative leader even after he lost the 2012 Democratic primary.

Presidential Campaigns

Several criticisms were thrown on Kucinich in the 2003 and 2004 campaigns for the stance he had on abortion. His support was shown in single digits in national polls for the 2004 Democratic Presidential race. Kucinich also sought a nomination for the 2008 Presidential election during speeches and debates, which he eventually bagged.

Committee Assignments

From 1999 to 2003, Kucinich served as a chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. The assignments during this period include the Subcommittee on Workforce Protections and Subcommittee on Health, Employment, and Pensions.

Congressional Campaigns

Kucinich defeated a Democratic primary challenger and Republican Mike Dovilla in 2006. Several primary challenges and elections were won by him until 2012 when he represented Congress. Kucinich decided to retire in January 2013 when his term had ended.


Stand by him to head towards the plausible future of the country without being overwrought by the struggles that are otherwise on the threshold.

About Dennis Kucinich

The man who served as the mayor of Cleveland and was the former U.S. Representative from Ohio played a principal part in the formation of the current stability of the country. This transformative leader is the best chance of forming an influential nation in all regards.

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Kucinich has been the leader to an entire generation in the past with the periods he served for the country. The number of campaigns and his statements cement these facts.



The Gandhi Peace Award and US Peace prize came his way in 2003 and 2010 respectively. Many other non-materialistic accolades make up for a golden feather on his crown of recognitions.



Committee on Education and the Workforce and Committee on Oversight and Government Reform are the most prominent assignments Kucinich has been a part of.

Blog Highlights

  • The world’s oldest democracy faces election every four years, and campaigns begin for the post of the president. It is considered a great honour to be president of the United States of America. Still, the citizens are mostly unaware of things happening around them in their own country and in places around the globe. The election campaign is savage, and it makes you forget the very core principles on which this country was founded. Time and again institutions like the Centre of Political Studies at the University of Michigan, the Forbes magazine and multiple news columns describe the American voter as an uninformed entity, who votes without the knowledge of what the party stands for, what are the objectives of the candidate and what changes is he promising. There are two main parties in the political sphere namely, the democrats and the republicans, and the Democrats are known to be a party which support liberal policies on immigration, abortion, the abolishment of arms, military and healthcare. In contrast, the Republicans are more conservative in nature and want capitalization to progress, and they work on privatisation of all governmental bodies and systems.

    The US congress is all-powerful.

    The United States of America is run on a federal structure which allows each state to make its decisions and create laws according to the culture and people of that state. On a national level, the country is run and controlled by the House of Representatives which comprises of candidates from each state depending on the population and demographics, also known as the lower house. The Senate has a total of 100 members, two from each state despite the size and population, each senator serves a term of six years and the United States Senate is also known as the upper house. The Senate draws its powers from Article One of the constitution of the United States of America. Its powers are enumerated in Article One of the U.S. Constitution.  

    President is a dummy.

    The president is not as powerful as the congress, and he is only the commander of the US military and defence, he cannot make laws, pass bills and change taxations regulations by himself. All bills are supposed to originate in The House of Representatives or the Senate depending on the kind of bill. The congress and the Senate work as a government think tank and advice the president on matters of International relations, defence strategies, economic development and ratification of treaties. The judicial system of the United States of America is dependent on the Senate, all justices of the Supreme court of the country need to approve by the Senate, and the case is the same for ambassadors in other countries. President


    America is one of the most influential nations in the world, Noam Chomsky; a political philosopher says that after the end of the cold war, there were only two superpowers, the United States of America and the world public opinion. Americans need to be more careful while voting and choosing a new leader as it not only impacts their lives but brings at stake the progress of the world....

  • Everything is political; the choice of not having a political opinion is itself a political act. Anything or any social dynamic with an existing power structure is political. All of us, as members of the human race, are involved in the political system somehow or the other, we cannot deny our existence in the political sphere of the world. Although some might say that they do not have any political opinions or aspirations, but that is untrue. Each individual is a part of a more extensive political system, benefiting or being at a disadvantage from the laws, policies and the bureaucracy. The government and the political system are entirely different mechanisms of a State. Politics can exist without a government, but a government thrives on the existence of a political structure. The State is just an abstract ethical idea which hosts a demarcated territory and a population within it. The government is a social, political and economic structure which supports the state by validating its existence and proving to be a controlling device which helps the people choose a leader for themselves and create laws as per their society and prevalent culture.

    The role of the media

    It is evident that the media has become subservient to the men in power. Most of the failing world governments have white, upper-class men as leaders of their countries. The marginalized is being oppressed, and the media does nothing to report it, there is a severe lack of correspondence in the rural and agrarian sector. Media is one of the essential pillars of a democratic setup. Yet, they do nothing to inform the people about the actions of their representatives and the repercussions it might have on the society as a whole. Media is no more journalism, and it is media because it runs on business models and focuses on earning profits rather than providing unbiased news. As a citizen, it becomes tough to analyse the actions of a government when the media is just speaking in it a favour, political parties buy these media houses and regulate the news both in telecasts and news. America, China, India, Philippines and some other governments are famous for controlling the media to their own benefit and attacking the opposition. media

    In a nutshell

    Voting is a constitutional right for all citizens, every election, and we rush to the polling booths just to cast our vote for a popular leader. We never question the political system or the electoral dynamics, and we choose a leader because he is popular, which is one of the primary reasons why the country doesn't develop. These leaders work to help the friends who funded the party and the election campaign so that they will be funded again, the political system is stuck in a loop of this funding and benefiting the rich. The ethics of the constitution are lost, and the founding principles of liberty are just a mere sham, the leaders use these items like buzzwords during elections and forget about them until the next one....

  • Scoping is a productive career option, and it has been around for a long time now. It’s a great option for people who want to work from home, and it pays well too. However, most people are unaware of this career option, and if you......

  • The trail includes senators, house members who serve as prosecutors in the senate and lawyers who defend the president. The president himself can show up a stance on the charges too. The chief justice of the United States of America presides over the trail and has the power under longstanding senate rules to rule under all questions of evidence, that means he can, in theory, allow the house members to call the house witnesses they want and decide what evidence gets introduced, but the chief justice's ruling can be overridden by the majority of the senate. There is high possibility of the fact that the senate is running on pre decided rules, these rules are the ones which pertain to witness and similar issues of evidence and questioning when the trial is going on.

    Voting in the senate

    Both sides get to argue their case when their train begins and its closed before the senate votes on each article of impeachment. It takes 67 votes to convict an impeachment trial if all 100 senators vote but a simple majority of 51 could vote to end the trial. In the case of an acquittal, the president will remain in the office and the charges will be dropped. If the president is convicted on any of the articles of the impeachment, he or she is automatically removed and the vice president is sworn in. As of now, only three presidents have gone through impeachment trials in American history, Johnson in 1886, Clinton in 1999 and Trump in 2019, all of these presidents were acquitted by the Senate of the United States of America. senate

    The process

    If articles of impeachment are approved in the house then it moves to the Senate where there is a trial. The Senate is closely divided between the Republicans and the Democrats, as of now the Republicans have 53 seats in the senate, they pretty much make the rules the way they want to make them. In Clinton's trial, both members of the Democratic and Republican parties got together and arrived at a set of rules that both sides could live with. There are existing rules about the process including how it is, to begin with, the house managers coming over and reading the articles of impeachment, followed by the introduction of evidence and witnesses. There are opening articles on both sides and cross-questioning arguments on both sides.  


    The Senate vote on the articles of impeachment is done on public, although it has never happened that the president has been impeached, if it ever happens, America would be completely afloat in uncharted waters. All cases of the impeachment process are prescribed in the constitution and are strictly adhered to. The Senate is the highest power here all decisions are made by it, generally the senate tries to work together so the result is favourable for both sides....