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Reasons You Should Care About Politics and Government

Everything is political; the choice of not having a political opinion is itself a political act. Anything or any social dynamic with an existing power structure is political. All of us, as members of the human race, are involved in the political system somehow or the other, we cannot deny our existence in the political sphere of the world. Although some might say that they do not have any political opinions or aspirations, but that is untrue. Each individual is a part of a more extensive political system, benefiting or being at a disadvantage from the laws, policies and the bureaucracy. The government and the political system are entirely different mechanisms of a State. Politics can exist without a government, but a government thrives on the existence of a political structure. The State is just an abstract ethical idea which hosts a demarcated territory and a population within it. The government is a social, political and economic structure which supports the state by validating its existence and proving to be a controlling device which helps the people choose a leader for themselves and create laws as per their society and prevalent culture.

The role of the media

It is evident that the media has become subservient to the men in power. Most of the failing world governments have white, upper-class men as leaders of their countries. The marginalized is being oppressed, and the media does nothing to report it, there is a severe lack of correspondence in the rural and agrarian sector. Media is one of the essential pillars of a democratic setup. Yet, they do nothing to inform the people about the actions of their representatives and the repercussions it might have on the society as a whole. Media is no more journalism, and it is media because it runs on business models and focuses on earning profits rather than providing unbiased news. As a citizen, it becomes tough to analyse the actions of a government when the media is just speaking in it a favour, political parties buy these media houses and regulate the news both in telecasts and news. America, China, India, Philippines and some other governments are famous for controlling the media to their own benefit and attacking the opposition.


In a nutshell

Voting is a constitutional right for all citizens, every election, and we rush to the polling booths just to cast our vote for a popular leader. We never question the political system or the electoral dynamics, and we choose a leader because he is popular, which is one of the primary reasons why the country doesn’t develop. These leaders work to help the friends who funded the party and the election campaign so that they will be funded again, the political system is stuck in a loop of this funding and benefiting the rich. The ethics of the constitution are lost, and the founding principles of liberty are just a mere sham, the leaders use these items like buzzwords during elections and forget about them until the next one.

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